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Humber Link Road

The creation of an all new link-road, connecting the ports of Immingham and Grimsby along the South Humber Bank is a major part of the South Humber Industrial Investment Programme.

The new Humber Link Road opens-up important parts of land with Enterprise Zone status that lies within the SHIIP area and allows new and existing businesses to be greater serviced.

Humber Link Road

The new 2.5km of adaptable highway offers significant advantages to businesses on the south Humber bank, including:

  • Journey times between Immingham and Grimsby ports cut by approximately twenty-minutes;
  • Reduced traffic pressures on the A180;
  • Improved access to business locations;
  • A positive impact on business efficiency and logistics;
  • Facilitates access to future development land on the South Humber Bank.

The road lies next to the land that will be developed by Velocys for its new ‘green’ plant and was a factor in its decision to come to the South Humber Bank.

Humber Link Road
“From a project perspective the funding of the new Humber Link Road, which will link the Port of Grimsby and Immingham and provide a quicker and alternative route to the A180, is particularly welcome. This link road will open-up our site, turning what is currently known locally as ‘the road to nowhere’ into a vital artery allowing us to route our site traffic away from minor routes and more sensitive locations.”
A Velocys spokesperson